Wellness session – These classes allow you to perform your exercises under the watchful eye of a fully qualified trainer. Emphasis is based on excellent technique and working at ‘your’ level. Suitable for all ages and adapted around the individuals needs wherever possible. Duration: 45 minutes.


Performance (HIIT) session – Burn up to 700 calories! Our Performance (HIIT) classes will challenge you whilst maintaining good technique. We aim to extract the best effort from each participant without leaving you on the floor afterwards! Boost your metabolism for 36 hours post-exercise and stimulate fat loss. What’s not to like! Suitable for all ages and adapted around the individuals needs wherever possible. Duration: 45 minutes.


Abs 30 minutes – Smash your abs to bits with the one and only Camster! You will be swearing at him when you wake up the following morning – it only hurts when you laugh, cough, move…!

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Pilates – A mat-based mind & body class, focusing on core stability muscles and posture. Pilates aims to lengthen and strengthen muscles along with increasing overall flexibility and mobility of joints. The exercises are performed in a slow controlled manner where quality of movement is key.

Circuit – Designed to give a full range of body movements, this class will elevate your heart, improve your stability, strength and power all in one fun session! If you fancy a new challenge then this is the class for you.

HTB (hips, bums and tums) circuit – A circuit-style class that targets those glutilicious buttocks, lovely legs and amazing abs! A fantastic lower body workout to help you tone and shape up.

Studio Cycling – A cardio vascular indoor cycling class educating you on excellent cycling technique while motivating you with a different format to each class. High Intensity Intervals, aerobic endurance, pyramids and races all feature in these classes. The beauty of this class – no co-ordination required and work at your own pace!

Themed aerobics – A fantastically fun aerobics class where the theme of the class will change every eight weeks. From Salsa and Hip Hop to Rock ‘n’ Roll and Bollywood, these are classes that will truly make you smile!

Body Conditioning – a full body toning class. The class starts with a simple to follow warm-up and then targets all the major muscle groups to give the body a leaner look.

Step – It’s been around longer than Woodlands and that’s saying something! Step is still a favourite that has stood the test of time. Elevate your heart rate and tone those legs while performing a simple-to-follow routine.

‘I move freely’ Pilates – Move more freely, reduce stiffness and improve core muscle function.

Box-a-cise – So you think you are tough enough! A series of exercises, incorporating a variety of boxing movements, designed to challenge every muscle group in your body. Train at your own…if your trainer will let you!

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