At Woodlands Wellness & Performance Centre we want our members to get the most from their time spent in the gym and classes, that’s why our Lifestyle & Weight Management program is designed to do just that!

The 6-week course provides factual, research-based guidance enabling you to lose weight, increase energy and feel in complete control of your food.

The course will help you:

  • Control hunger hormones
  • Manage nutrients effectively
  • Reduce stress hormone levels
  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Structure nutrient dense meals
  • Source quality foods

Research shows that over the past decade and more we’ve adopted a ‘Low Fat’ diet; yet obesity levels have risen exponentially. It’s time to turn back the clock and use fats as a staple of your diet again (Despite the misleading press attention to this food source it’s actually very good for you!).

We’re not saying ditch the carbs, but we will inform you how to manage intake to reduce levels of fat storage and source good quality foods to increase satiety levels (feelings of contentment) at the same time.

Quite simply the current food guidelines are at best ineffective, at worst they are causing disease in populations. We now have a new epidemic:


‘Diabesity’ – The global epidemic of diabetes, obesity and lifestyle disease – is set to cost $47TRN over 40 years and kill 50 MILLION people a year by the end of the decade.


Allow us to improve your nutritional education which will change the way you and your family eat forever. The Woodlands Weight Management course offers you:

  • 6 one-to-one guidance sessions
  • Food diary analysis
  • Up to date research based knowledge
  • Weekly weigh in sessions
  • Metabolic profiling*

Members- £40.00

Non-members – £60.00

*Metabolic profile- £20.00